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Flow chart explains how Israel decides who to bomb, via @gaza_team

The diplomatic correspondent for Israeli daily Haaretz has an interesting conception of “war crimes.”


Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, Rebecca Vilkomerson, sits arrested with JVP colleagues for publicly reading the names of Palestinian victims killed in Gaza at the office of Friends of the IDF (FIDF) in New York City.


Always be supporting Jewish Voice for Peace.

Here’s a news quiz: Today on nbcnews's Meet The Press, Secretary of statedept John Kerry said a country is “under siege by a terrorist organization.” (top photo via talktoskirt, bottom photo @lazsim) 

Which of these countries was he talking about?

#WorldWithGaza via @jilliancyork


The highlight of yesterday’s protest. Coexist. Judaism rejects Zionism. Times Square protest for Palestine in New York City July 17,2014.

these kids were adorable

"Peace Will Come (According To Plan)," Melanie

Will our blood become a part of the river? 
All of the rivers are givers to the ocean 
According to plan

Shehab News Agency | Facebook 


Only moments earlier these children were playing soccer with a journalist…

Take a good long look. This is what genocide looks like.

Warning: graphic images.

Your US tax dollars at work.

It’s a good omen this post has 613 notes because that’s the same as the number of commandments in the Law of Moses.

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The Ramones, “I Don’t Want To Grow Up,” Tom Waits cover. RIP Erdelyi Tamas a.k.a. drummer Tommy Ramone, all the Ramones are dead now.

Palestinian and Israeli fatalities in 2014 (via @samloveshummus) prior to the start of Israel’s Gaza massacre this past week, which has killed an additional 127 according to the most recent live blog update (about 6 in ten of whom are civilians, and 2 in ten are children). Guess which fatalities were covered in the media?

Commander’s Combat Material for “Solid Rock” Operation [a.k.a. “Protective Edge”]

Dear commanders and fighters,

It has been our great privilege to command and serve in the Givati Brigade at this time. History has chosen us to be the sharp edge of the bayonet of fighting the terrorist enemy “from Gaza” which curses, defames and abuses the God of Israel’s battles. We have practiced and prepared for this time and we take upon ourselves the mission with full humility, and being willing to endanger ourselves and give our lives to protect our families, our nation and our homeland.

We will act together forcefully and with resolve, with initiative, and with deceptive tricks and aim for contact with the enemy. We will do everything to live up to the mission and wipe out the enemy and remove the threat from the Nation of Israel. Nobody here returns without performing.

We will act and do everything to return our lads safely. Using all means at our disposal and with all required force.

I trust you, each and every one of you, to act in that spirit, in the spirit of Israeli fighters who are the pioneers leading the camp. The spirit of Givati. I turn my eyes to the sky and call with you “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.” God, the Lord of Israel, make our path successful, as we are about to fight for Your People, Israel, against an enemy who defames your name. In the name of the IDF fighters and in particular, the fighters and commanders from the Brigade, make the phrase “For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.” come true, and we shall answer: Amen.

Together and only together we will win.

Ofer Winter, Colonel
Commander of the Givati Brigade

Insane letter to Israeli troops by top commander on the eve of a possible ground invasion of Gaza uses Biblical imagery and racism to declare a holy war.

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"There But For Fortune," Phil Ochs

Show me the country where the bombs had to fall
Show me the ruins of the buildings once so tall
And I’ll show you a young land with so many reasons why
And there but for fortune may go you or I

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