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Phil Ochs, “Here’s To The State Of Richard Nixon,” live. And the speeches of the President are the ravings of a clown…

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"Hang In There, Mr. President," Bernie Knee with Frank Yankovic and his Orchestra, words and music by Henry Tobias.

Opponents of the boycott of Israeli academic institutions claim “academic freedom.” But Tel Aviv University is threatening to punish students and staff who publish anti-war posts about Gaza on social media. (via @DrBasselAbuward)


Highlights from Netanyahu’s speech yesterday:

Netanyahu: I’m proud of our soldiers and officers, who in the most brave and valiant way, slaughtered families in their sleep.

Netanyahu: We are a moral nation. We only massacred 1700 people in 25 days. It could have been 17,000, but our moral army is so restrained.

Netanyahu: We made incredible progress. We massacred civilians and lost a lot of soldiers. This has truly been a great operation.

The “restraint” meme is the most infuriating.

"Sleeping on the floor at Shifa hospital was this kid. The only thing that survived from his home was his cat. " (via @Belalmd12)

youngmanhattanite is a beacon of solidarity with #Gaza and #Palestine in Columbus Circle on Friday. 

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"Where Do The Children Play?" Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

It’s impossible for me to even imagine people saying these people were injured hours or days before the event occurred. Any doctor who saw them, treated them, could tell you their injuries had occurred just then. We took shrapnel out of a baby’s back. Do people really think a mother sat around with her baby’s back covered in shrapnel, waiting to take him to a hospital so that she could blame Israel for his death?

via @ekmathia:

Young boy in pretending to be a journalist with his home made flak jacket, had to lend him my helmet.

Eight Palestinian journalists have been killed so far in Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

Someone at the Associated Press must have come in to work still drunk from last night because they accidentally tweeted out the truth, but the mistake was quickly discovered and they apologized.

Watch the Israeli “Defense” Forces destroy a Gaza neighborhood in one hour as they hunt for “tunnels” and kill “militants.” Yes, there will be a war crimes trial and Netanyahu and all others responsible for bombing homes with innocent people in them and levelling neighborhoods for ethnic cleansing will face international justice. #ICC4Israel 

Flow chart explains how Israel decides who to bomb, via @gaza_team

The diplomatic correspondent for Israeli daily Haaretz has an interesting conception of “war crimes.”


Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, Rebecca Vilkomerson, sits arrested with JVP colleagues for publicly reading the names of Palestinian victims killed in Gaza at the office of Friends of the IDF (FIDF) in New York City.


Always be supporting Jewish Voice for Peace.

Here’s a news quiz: Today on nbcnews's Meet The Press, Secretary of statedept John Kerry said a country is “under siege by a terrorist organization.” (top photo via talktoskirt, bottom photo @lazsim) 

Which of these countries was he talking about?

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