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What did the children of Gaza do to you? via @carlosgomezgil

The Palestinian Rubble Bucket Challenge: In Gaza, water is needed for drinking and there is no electricity to freeze ice, but there is plenty of rubble. (via NBC News)

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Emotional reunion in the rubble of Gaza. From @DrBasselAbuward:

This father & son found each other, but other children were not so lucky

The actual house where they filmed The Flintstones.


Don’t put bald men on the front page, via


The missile that hit and didn’t explode made a child smile that they are still ALIVE!


Gazans children………….playing the funeral of a martyr…

The Palestinian version of that Chinese student who stood up to the tanks in Tiananmen Square is this brave man with a cardboard rocket battling Israel Terror Forces who are using live fire to suppress a Hebron (West Bank) protest against the Gaza massacre. Someone make a gif set!

‘My wife thinks I will come home in a box’ – and three days later Gaza bomb disposal expert was dead [The Guardian]

Rahed Taysir al’Hom was buried in the sandy soil of the cemetery of Jabaliya, the rough Gaza neighbourhood where he had grown up, at 1pm on the third day of the ceasefire.

His funeral was quick, attended by a hundred or so mourners, and accompanied by a quick sermon from a white-turbaned cleric, a sobbing father and some shots fired from a Kalashnikov by a skinny teenager.

Two breezeblocks and a ripped piece of cardboard with his name scrawled on it now mark the grave of a personable man with an easy smile, hollow eyes and a quiet intensity that was entirely understandable given his job.

The 43-year-old father of seven lies next to his brother – a Hamas fighter killed in an Israeli air strike two weeks ago. But the al’Hom who died on Wednesday was not a warrior. He was head of the sole bomb disposal unit of Gaza’s northern governorate and his job was to protect several hundred thousand people from the unexploded ordnance that now litters the streets, fields and the rubble of many homes. [Read more]

"World Destruction," Time Zone ft. Afrika Bambaataa, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, and later of Public Image Ltd.) and Bill Laswell, 1984

Father celebrates his daughter’s graduation by the rubble of their former home in Gaza, via @RachelMicheleG

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Phil Ochs, “Here’s To The State Of Richard Nixon,” live. And the speeches of the President are the ravings of a clown…

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"Hang In There, Mr. President," Bernie Knee with Frank Yankovic and his Orchestra, words and music by Henry Tobias.

Opponents of the boycott of Israeli academic institutions claim “academic freedom.” But Tel Aviv University is threatening to punish students and staff who publish anti-war posts about Gaza on social media. (via @DrBasselAbuward)


Highlights from Netanyahu’s speech yesterday:

Netanyahu: I’m proud of our soldiers and officers, who in the most brave and valiant way, slaughtered families in their sleep.

Netanyahu: We are a moral nation. We only massacred 1700 people in 25 days. It could have been 17,000, but our moral army is so restrained.

Netanyahu: We made incredible progress. We massacred civilians and lost a lot of soldiers. This has truly been a great operation.

The “restraint” meme is the most infuriating.

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