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"Going Down To Mississippi," Phil Ochs. Freedom Summer, 50 years ago.

 Back of the Ready For Hillary bus, via @hunterw

Hillary at the Union Square Barnes & Noble just now by @hunterw.

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"Hippie From Olema" (Merle Haggard parody), The Youngbloods, Fillmore East, Aug. 21, 1970.

I’m proud to be a hippie from Olema, where we’re friendly to the squares and all the straights. We still take in strangers if they’re ragged, and we can’t think of anyone to hate.

My response to Roger Cohen’s NY Times op-ed (aptly titled “Let It Bleed”) in which he denies that Israel practices apartheid and defends the Rolling Stones for breaking the boycott and playing there.

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Patty Griffin, “Rain”

I need you to tell me where Patty Griffin stands in the Lucinda/Nanci pantheon of singer/songwriters who other artists cover.

I don’t know but it is still raining in NYC.

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"Comin’ Down In The Rain," Nanci Griffith ft. Lee Satterfield

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Phil Ochs, “School Days,” Chuck Berry cover, Mar. 27, 1970 at Carnegie Hall


(Mondoweiss)  Ads Against Apartheid ‘ONE WORD’ ad campaign launched in Boston

(…) Ads Against Apartheid is planning to expand the campaign to other cities all across America. The campaign has other hard hitting ads up on their website too. Instructing readers to “Stop Talking, Start Acting” and support spreading the campaigns.


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Palestinian tire 1, Israeli occupation forces 0.

"Peaceful Easy Feeling," Jack Tempchin, Eagles cover — well, no, he wrote it.

Apparently it works like a charm.
(via Mad Magazine)

Apparently it works like a charm.

(via Mad Magazine)

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