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“I believe that an essential injustice is being done, that you are wrongly deceiving the people of New York,” said Henry Stern of the group “New York Civic.”

Charter Commission Approves Language On Term Limits [NY1]

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NYCivic is great, ditto Henry Stern, but I have no interest in this term limits quest they are on.

Term limits are for chumps, losers, and manipulated electorates like the one that passed term limits in the ’90s under a money assault from millionnaire Ron Lauder (whose ongoing grip on our political process should be broken, with a hammer to the knuckles if necessary). I want to see term limits undone, and I don’t care what the process is — at the polls, if possible, by courts or through loopholes as Bloomberg did last year. Who are a bunch of voters from the early ’90s to tell me I can’t have the option to reelect Bloomberg?

Thank goodness we have Bloomberg in office during this “mosque” controversy, at a time when the entire Democratic party leadership has proven worthless. Read the Times story contrasting Bloomberg’s speech with Shelly Silver’s craven endorsement of the Palin-Gingrich-ADL position that Ground Zero should be a Muslim-free zone. Imagine if we had Mayor Anthony Weiner right now.

Walk around the pedestrian oasis at Madison Square or Times Square or check out the 1st and 2nd Ave. bike lanes, or check the City’s ever-dropping smoking rates, and ask if it’s smart to force an automatic expiration to the service of a talented leader who is popular enough for reelection but might instead be replaced by a hack, thanks to term limits imposed during another era.

Ending term limits entirely would be great, but the next best thing is weakening them so they don’t kick in till 2021, and can hopefully disintegrate in the interim. Let’s give thanks to the Charter Commission. We already have a perfectly good democratic system for term limits: it’s called a majority vote on Election Day against the incumbent if you don’t want him or her to have another term.

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