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This is a campaign ad from Melinda Katz, who is running for something called “City Comptroller.” (What a Country!) I’m happy to say as a proud New Yorker that Melinda Katz has my vote. Do you know why? Because she says the following thing in her wonderful commercial (at :14):

“An HMO lobbyist told me a woman didn’t know when she needed to see an OB/GYN. I told him he could stick it.”

I don’t know what Melinda Katz stands for. I have no idea whether or not she’s in favor of legalizing basset hound puppy fur coats, the gratuitously pierced/tattooed cast of the new season of Top Chef, or other things I find offensive. But I am going to vote for her because she said “stick it” in her ad.

That’s pretty amazing. You can also watch her sing “God Bless America” with Coney Island seniors. You might cry.

Reblogged because I’m friends with the campaign manager. Vote Katz for NYC Comptroller on 9/15!

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