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If you look at this chart carefully, it shows how Congress responds differently to recessions when Republicans or Democrats are in the White House.

Reagan got most of the stimulus spending he wanted even when Democrats controlled Congress.

Obama got less of the stimulus spending he wanted even when Democrats controlled the Congress (because the Republican minority used serial filibusters to  thwart him) and even less when Republicans controlled the House.

Actually, no. The stimulus was crippled by “moderate” Democrats like Ben “good riddance” Nelson. And by Obama’s juvenile, naive compulsion about “bipartisan solutions,” which caused him to chop $200 billion from the stimulus in a hopeless attempt to get the vote of Olympia “good riddance” Snowe. This is why the recession has lingered so long.

The money cut from the stimulus would have been the most effective - aid to states to prevent layoffs. That money would have gone straight into the economy. Instead, we have been gaining private sector jobs but losing public sector state-level jobs that had to be cut because states have to balance their budgets. What stimulus we did get was ineffective because too much was channeled into tax cuts (which don’t find their way into the economy) - another pointless attempt by Obama to please Republicans who voted against it anyway.

So don’t blame Republicans for the weak stimulus. Blame Obama and the crap he spouted before he was elected about how there’s no red America and no blue America. And the crap he spouted afterwards, about how government needs to spend only what it takes in, just like families. (Nonsense — destructive nonsense.) Krugman saw the whole disaster in the making the day Obama was inaugurated. And explained it even more clearly just two weeks later.

The difference?  Democrats believe in government and will vote to make it work even when a Republican is president.

Republicans do not believe in government — they believe only in winning power — and they will do all they can to sabotage a Democratic president, even during a recession.

Think about the GOP, FOX News and folks like Limbaugh announcing even before Obama was inaugurated that they would work to make sure he failed.  Then look at the chart.  And ask yourself: why in God’s name do Republicans get to retain the public image of being patriotic, especially when the nation is in hard times?

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