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Israeli Knesset (Parliament) members posing on the couch of a Palestinian family they had evicted from their home, which is now occupied by settlers, in a photo they posted to Facebook.

via MondoWeiss

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    Israeli Knesset (Parliament) members posing on the couch of a Palestinian family they had evicted from their home, now...
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    To be fair im not atall religious but from rollas teachings of Israel they seem like evil wastes of spaces and I have...
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    Possibly the photo is considered private? It’s a great shot with an interesting story.
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    This is a little weird. I posted this yesterday and it was reblogged by several including inothernews. From there it...
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    The joviality is chilling once you read the caption. Which I wonder how many people actually took the time to do…
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    This is so wrong, but an excerpt of a really big picture. Obviously these two guys are horrible people, but as are most...
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