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Mitt Romney has released his taxes for 2010 but not the FBAR that would show whether he may have taken an IRS amnesty the year before for his Swiss bank account. His 2009 tax return, which he refuses to release, would also make clear whether Romney took the amnesty after possibly failing to report the secret account in earlier tax years.

If it emerged that Romney had hidden his account from the IRS and had to take an amnesty, his campaign would be over (although the amnesty means he is protected legally).

The press should ask Romney: 1) when will we see your 2010 FBAR? 2) when will we see your 2009 returns (not included, of course, in the 23 years of Romney tax returns the McCain campaign reviewed in 2008)? and 3) did you or your wife take advantage of the IRS’s 2009 amnesty for holders of previously unreported Swiss UBS accounts?

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