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All through
New York stands still
It’s a cave 
A poor man’s grave
The mystery can thrill
Man makes the laws
Impatient to claw
Ripping seasons
New York shares the light
A barren stage
and Run down rage
Best be prepared to alter your might
I can feel it
Sensing so many eyes
Strangers breaking harmony
Proud and slight
Indignant fright
Where evil learns to rise
Money to lose
Yesterday’s news
Still making the lies
I planted a fortune
Off 6th Avenue
Meaning to go back
And find it
Cheap food at High Noon
Heads in a dirty room
Pretending that they
Really like it
Where shadows support the games
Forgetting most all the names
And loving the whole family
Trying to leave
A string draws back the ride
What’s good for me?
New York can have me
16th Avenue grand tree
Losing that watery tide
Dark rages you hurt me
My colors are earthy
Who streaked pastel on the windowsill
The casual remarks spill
Drowning the sensitive cry
I’ve been tuned up
And lashed up 
Manhattan just stands up
Promising to let me die
All the same faces
I’ll remember these places
Something strong in me
Has to try
This room has no meaning
Too delicate and beaming
Please take me back where
I belong
The tune has no rhyme
It’s wasting my time
You’re splashing blood
On my song
I can’t lose my 
Pumpkin and rags
And steer the 
Fat man’s gags
That city is swallowing me
I’m lost in New York’s debris
    — Wendy Herman (1958-2012)
          December 8, 1975

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