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Campaigning in front of an artificial castle in Daytona, Florida on Friday, Mitt Romney said Obama’s use of “Romnesia” isn’t presidential.

You can’t make this stuff up. According to Buzzfeed:

Romney and running mate Paul Ryan addressed roughly 10,000 raucous supporters, many of whom were motorcycle enthusiasts in town for “Biketoberfest.”

Outside the perimeter, protesters heckled, women grinded on poles, and intoxicated revelers at a Bubba Gump Shrimp spilled beer as they danced to the campaign soundtrack blasting out of the speakers. From inside the rally, reporters witnessed at least two people throw up on the sidewalk.

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    Why anyone still wants to vote for Mitt, I don’t know. He looked more respectable six months ago than he does now.
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    I bolded the paragraph above because lol!
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  16. chrismohney said: Mitt is huge!
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    Romnicula only leaves the safety of his castle at night.
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    Live-Evil notyes Live Evil
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    Is Mittens freaking serious right now? He’s getting his panties in a wad over President Obama using the word “Romnesia,”...
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    Mitt-evil Times
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    No, Mitt the Twit, changing your position every 15 minutes is not presidential. And funny how that is your only rebuttal...
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    You know what’s not presidential, Mitt? All the fucking yourself you need to go do.
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