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Virtually nothing on this cover of Newsweek is pegged to this week’s news. This cover might work for a general interest monthly like VF or Talk, though it would need to be spiced up.

Tina may think she’s doing something very different than Jon Meacham, the previous editor. But they both equally miss that evergreen topics, “deep think,” and access-driven (rather than news-driven) profiles are deadly for a newsweekly.



Highlights from this week’s NEWSWEEK, the first issue under Tina Brown:

The Hillary Doctrine
How she’s shattering glass ceilings everywhere.

150 Women Who Shake the World
In advance of The Daily Beast’s second annual Women in the World Summit, Newsweek looks at 150 remarkable women.

Born-Again Feminism
Kathleen Parker once angered feminists with her book Save the Males, but recently she has had a change of heart. “I’ve become a born-again feminist after decades of feeling that feminism had veered off course,” she writes. It was the struggles of women in the Middle East that led Parker to reconsider her positions.

What’s So Funny About Mormons?
Another reason to skip Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark: The Book of Mormon, the new musical from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, opens March 24.

Harvey Weinstein’s Favorite Mistake
“You are no Kate Moss,” the flight attendant who caught him smoking said after Weinstein mentioned she does it all the time.

the new Newsweek, launched quietly under Tina Brown’s direction. excited to take a look — and so far, so good on the cover story.

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