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Harold and MoDo, Off Message

In today’s edition of Harold Ford idiocy, courtesy of Maureen Dowd’s column, two political lessons stand out.

First, if you are running for office and talking to a reporter, there is no way you would ever want this to be the lead quote:

I have severe athlete’s foot — feet. I get a foot scrub out of respect for my wife because getting into bed with what I have when I take my socks off isn’t respectful to anybody.

This is what we professionals call off-message. The best way to avoid having a quote like that wind up in the lead is to never say it to a reporter at all.

Second, make sure your history lesson is accurate. Ford to Dowd:

I’m not comparing myself to Bobby Kennedy by any stretch, but he was opposed by the liberal establishment, too. Eleanor Roosevelt was the biggest opponent to him running.

Only problem with this is that Eleanor Roosevelt died in 1962 and Bobby Kennedy didn’t enter the NY Senate race until 1964, after his brother had been killed and President Johnson ruled out Kennedy’s becoming his VP running-mate that year.

Oh - and poor Harold and Dowd thought Coffee Shop on Union Square was an actual greasy spoon coffee shop. Lulz!

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