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Dear Follower Who Is An NYC Registered Democrat,

If you’re like me, your mailbox and TV are overflowing with ads pushing one political candidate or another. It’s tempting to flip the channel and tune out. But deep down, we know that this election is different. This is a historic moment for our City; one that offers great opportunity if we make smart choices about who to elect as our leaders. In the race for Comptroller—the city’s chief fiscal watchdog—the choice is clear: my friend, Scott Stringer, pictured above with Lena Dunham.

I’ll be honest with you, before this election, I didn’t spend much time thinking about the Comptroller’s job. But in tough times like this, the Comptroller plays a critically important role in protecting our economic future—and that makes electing Scott more important than ever.

You see, Scott doesn’t just talk about fighting for the middle class—it’s a reality that he lives everyday. He and his wife, Elyse, are raising two young sons, and he knows firsthand the financial pressures so many of us are facing.

That’s why as Comptroller, Scott will watch over our City budget and make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely — just as you and I do with our family budget. He’ll make sure that our City invests in programs that grow the economy and create jobs. And he’ll protect our $140 billion pension fund so that we can dedicate money to public schools, affordable housing, and middle class tax cuts.

Scott has a sterling 20-year record of integrity and independence in public service. So it’s no surprise that he’s been endorsed by the New York Times, Daily News, El Diario, Amsterdam News, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Bill de Blasio, Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson and so many of our local leaders.

Scott is proud of his broad coalition of support, and needs your help to win. In this election, every single vote is going to count and I’m asking you to vote for Scott.  You can help put him over the finish line by reblogging this post.

So please join me in voting for Scott Stringer for Comptroller on Tuesday, September 10.

To learn more about Scott or to get involved in the campaign, check out, or call his headquarters anytime:  212-349-2013

Thank you!


Peter Feld 

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    If he’s friends with Lena Dunham he can have my vote. 👏👏👆👆💪
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    Well said!
  7. evangotlib said: I agree but why is he not being more aggressive? Why is he not calling out what Spitzer did at every chance? It seems to me he is just letting this slip away. Extremely frustrating from a truly good man.
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