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Foursquare founder tries to “ice” an actual Apollo 11 astronaut at a Meatpacking District club. End times are right on schedule, folks.

(Photo via RandomNightOut, natch.)

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    I’m glad someone is juxtaposing the idiocy of the dude that invented four square with the genius of a past generation. I...
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    Within 15 seconds of seeing this I formulated an entire stage play based upon this photo and it is very hilarious and...
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    Really? This dude went to the fucking moon. So you go up to him and make him drink something gross. Show some respect.
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    fatmanatee:daveholmes:soupsoup:peterfeld: There are so many things wrong with this picture, I don’t even know where to...
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    daveholmes:soupsoup:peterfeld:...HUGE douche move. What’s next, icing Stephen Hawking?...
  12. winstonwolfe said: Right? It’s like c’mon guys, have an ounce of decorum at a social event. I feel like saying, “you’re a business owner. Fuckin’ act like it or at least pretend…”
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    Everything about this picture makes me grumpy. Seriously guys? This is terrible. And Buzz was probably polite in his...
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    ugh. what a dbag
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    This. Is. EPIC!
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    I’m pretty sure this picture is from the Webbys after-party last night for two reasons: 1. I also took a picture with...
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    This actually went down? Dude needs to step off Buzz Aldrin!
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