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The Republican Dukakis? Maybe?


This is a photo of Texas Governor Rick Perry auditioning for a role in Independence Day II in the cockpit of an F/A-18F Super Hornet, randomly. Texas secessionists hope the governor’s support for an anti-TSA measure currently before the state legislature will force the federal government to declare an air war on the state. Really.

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    Welcome to Texas, where it really is like a whole other country: a completely batshit insane one…
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    I’m not really sure how to explain Texas to people who have never been here before. But this article is pretty good...
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    How did he get reelected, again? Also, when Mother Jones would bring up Texas secessionists I always thought they were...
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    This really is a sign to get the hell out of this state, isn’t it? I mean …..shit. I hear there are cheap houses in...
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    OK, who outside of Texas needs a roomie?
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    …goddammit, Texas.
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    The Republican Dukakis? Maybe?
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