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It’s Not Just To Get Carney Drunk.

Clusterstock (and ex-Dealbreaker) blogger John Carney is celebrating his birthday this Saturday night with a bender (mind-bender, anyway) at No Malice Palace that is going to be so bad the guest list had to be hidden on Facebook:

Another year ruined! I’m going to be celebrating my birthday this year with yet another really bad party. I mean it. Another party where there’s a brawl and seductions and people going home with their feelings hurt and women passing out in the bathroom and afterward no one remembering anything except that we drank too much booze. There will be whiskey, theft, dancing, tears, kisses, and mystery.

The party will be on Saturday, January 31, at the No Malice Palace (197 East 3rd Street, between Avenue A and Avenue B). I’m showing up around nine pm. In the past, these things get crowded so I hope you’ll show up early and join me to stir up some chaos. So mark your damn calendar with the black flag of anarchy.

Yes. It’s this Saturday, and I’m not really sorry for the short notice. If you think you already have something better to do, you probably should have invited me.

Tell your friends, roommates, lovers and all my heroes from the streets and my allies from the bars whose emails I don’t have or who aren’t on facebook. This is going to be awful, I promise. Worst. Party. Ever.

Love always,
Vice President, Membership
Society for the Preservation of Whiskey and Morals

PS: If you know really cannot make it or you’re now my enemy or something, let me know so I can drop you from the follow-up emails and send some of the lads around to rough you up.

PPS: No Malice Palace has warned us that the place gets crowded around eleven p.m. So show up well before then. I don’t want any of my friends to get shut out in the cold.

PPPS: Sorry for the mysteriousness of the blind guest list. If you knew some of the people who got this email, however, you’d thank me for not sharing your information with them.

PPPPS: If you are running the Idiotrod earlier that day, show up in your damn costume. No going home first to pretty up or sober up. Come as you are, even if you are at your worst.

PPPPPS: Also, this is a damn charity event. Don’t buy me drinks. Buy the poor kids of the world some damn water by clicking here:

How bad will this party be? Apparently, so bad that “Careney” misspelled his own name in his custom URL. You may want to just stay home instead and wait for the photoset on Random Night Out. For a fee, Nick McGlynn will photoshop you into the pictures so it looks like you were there. It costs a little more if you want your shirt off but it’s worth it.

John Carney needs another drink like Karl Lagerfeld needs one more iPod. But as John suggests above, ex-FishbowlNY and Huffington Post blogger Rachel Sklar, founder of Charitini, has set up a charitable alternative to raise funds for Foundation Rwanda and/or charity:water, which promotes access to clean drinking water in the developing world, and is genuinely worthwhile even if it is the Meatpacking District’s favorite cause. (It brings new and much-improved meaning to the phrase “bottle service.”)


So - when I launched Charitini I had all these big plans for blowing it up into this huge charity site, and maybe that can still happen, but for now it’s just a little idea hooked on getting a few people to donate a few dollars in honor of a friend’s birthday. Even so, it doesn’t have to be a big site to make a big difference. I just got this email from my friend Jules Shell, the co-founder and Executive Director of Foundation Rwanda, which raises money for rape victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and funds the education of children born of those rapes, who have been largely left behind by Rwandan society. Here’s her email (she gave me permission to reprint):


I just opened the mail and got the most amazing thing from Network for Good. Your Charitini b-day party will sponsor the school fees for 2 kids to attend secondary school  in Rwanda this year!! So you turned  a year older and two kids got enrolled in secondary school— pretty remarkable. FR got an amazing $335.84 all because of you!  Thank you so much — it is the grassroots effort that makes all of the difference and people like you for making it  happen.    Are  you building out the Charitini idea- I want to send it to everyone I know.  I think its a brilliant way to organize around a b-day or holiday and do something good.

So thank you thank you thank you from deep within… its a lonely road doing this work and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support!



Anyhow, that made me feel pretty great, but humbled as hell, too. It’s fun to joke about Charity:Whiskey and getting John Carney drunk, but the fact is that these small micro-donations actually do make a concrete difference for people who need it way more than we ever will. So please consider making a small donation in Carney’s honor, or just in honor of two kids in Rwanda who now get to go to school.

(Donate: Charity: Water, Foundation Rwanda)

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