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"Get Thee Behind Me, Satan," The Almanac Singers (1941), by Lee Hays, with Pete Hawes on lead vocals, Pete Seeger on banjo and great blues guitar by Josh White. If anyone should ask you your union to sell, just tell ‘em where to go, send ‘em back to hell!

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Natalie Merchant, “Which Side Are You On?” Happy Labor Day!

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"Mama Was A Working Man," Becky Hobbs

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Phil Ochs, “Links On The Chain,” which takes mid-60’s labor unions to task for resisting the Civil Rights movement. In the liner notes, Ochs wrote:

Historically, labor unions have been a catalyst to social change, and in my opinion have a definite responsibility to be in the vanguard of important battles. When the civil rights struggle came to a head, they had become such a part of the establishment that the old lions of the Left were the new pillars of the segregated structure. But I’m sure they’ll be able to straighten out this embarrassment at one of their many White House meetings.

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Freakwater, “One Big Union”

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“Mama Was A Working Man,” Becky Hobbs. Happy Labor Day!

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“Mama Was A Working Man,” Becky Hobbs

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Bob Dylan, “Workingman’s Blues #2”

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Johnny Cash, “Sixteen Tons”

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The Weavers, “The Banks Of Marble”


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"Mama Was A Working Man," Becky Hobbs. "We didn’t call it ‘liberation,’ we just called it ‘love’ back then. A gentle heart and two strong hands, Mama was a working man."

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Grateful Dead, “Big Boss Man,” Berkeley Community Theater, Aug. 14 1971

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"Casey Jones" — another early Pete Seeger labor song recorded with the Almanac Singers. Casey Jones refuses to join the railroad strike and ends up in a bad place.

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"Solidarity Forever," the Almanac Singers. Early ’40s version featuring Pete Seeger.

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"Union Maid." You can’t scare me, I’m sticking to the union. Happy Labor Day!

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