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"Here’s Mitt Romney ironing clothes that he’s already wearing" - @ethanklapper

"Here’s Mitt Romney ironing clothes that he’s already wearing" - @ethanklapper

Campaigning in front of an artificial castle in Daytona, Florida on Friday, Mitt Romney said Obama’s use of “Romnesia” isn’t presidential.

You can’t make this stuff up.¬†According to Buzzfeed:

Romney and running mate Paul Ryan addressed roughly 10,000 raucous supporters, many of whom were motorcycle enthusiasts in town for “Biketoberfest.”

Outside the perimeter, protesters heckled, women grinded on poles, and intoxicated revelers at a Bubba Gump Shrimp spilled beer as they danced to the campaign soundtrack blasting out of the speakers. From inside the rally, reporters witnessed at least two people throw up on the sidewalk.

Mitt Romney wants the foreclosure market to “bottom out” and he opposed the auto bailout. What can we expect if he wins?

This may be the lowest any U.S. presidential nominee has ever sunk.

"Fuck Cranbrook!" Here’s what Eminem thinks of scissor-bully Mitt Romney’s fancy Michigan private school.

Here is a video of Rafalca, a horse owned by Ann Romney, performing a horsey dance at some horse competition to the theme music from Rain Man (45 seconds in). This might explain everything.

Mitt Romney is definitely an excellent candidate.

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