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The Most Important Take Down of the Berenstain Bears You'll Read Today 

Carney demolishes the Berenstain Bears in the Fall issue of Scooter.



The incessant moral hectoring makes the dullness ever more excruciating. Each plot is organized around the relentless pursuit of a life lesson: Don’t be mean to your brother, mind your parents, wear your helmet and kneepads while skateboarding, don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Fine enough advice, except for the weird turkey thing, but it is rendered tedious by the lack of imagination with which the themes are introduced, explored and resolved. It’s like watching a train wreck that you see coming a mile away—except there is no wreck. Just a train reliably pulling into station after station after station. The Berenstain books are the train spotting of children’s literature.

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The Spring 2012 issue of Scooter, the parenting magazine I edit for the New York Observer, is here!

Cover photo by Jodi Jones, styled by Erin Marsz with Ioanna Psaroudakis. Art direction by Scott Dvorin.

BlackBook editor Chris Mohney's hysterical “Reviews Of My Son's Toys” is now an Observer slideshow on Scooter

Mohney’s done a bit o’ rebranding along the way, so best check it out if you’re wondering whether the Spiky Death Balls, Multi-Flanged Universal Distractor, Infinite Textile Tesseract, Sock Monkey Homunculus or the ever-popular Feet have what it takes to make it into the mouth of your little DS or DD.


New Yorkers, get ready for Scooter, the new NYC parenting magazine I’ve been editing this summer for the New York Observer. (That’s a mock cover, I’ll post the real one next week.) FishbowlNY:

The Observer Media Group is launching New York Observer Scooter, a bi-annual magazine targeting parents who have grown up in the city. The magazine is free, and will have a circulation of about 40,000 in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Peter Feld is Scooter’s Editor-in-Chief. He says the magazine will showcase the advantages of raising kids here. “Scooter will be highlighting ‘only in New York’ attractions — the playgrounds, brunch spots and hidden spaces that are the city kids’ birthright.” Brunch spots? We had no idea kids brunched.

The web presence isn’t up yet but you’ll soon be able to see content online at and follow on Twitter at @NYOScooter. We will have items and stories from writers like Elizabeth Spiers on Michael Apted’s Up series, Jennifer Wright (of TheGloss) on why wanting to move to the suburbs is a dating dealbreaker, Chris Mohney’s beloved reviews of his son’s toys, Michael Idov on which mixologists serve the best mocktails, and John Donohue on the neighbors who drove his family from their Park Slope home.

Plus: back-to-school fashion styled by Erin Marsz, nursery decor by Alexa Stevenson, D.I.Y. Halloween costumes and lots more! Features include Amanda Benchley’s look at kids growing up left-handed, a profile of RedRover founder Kathryn Tucker, a design critique of New York City playgrounds by Kimberlie Birks, and tips from an Anonymous Dad on surviving the preschool admissions racket.

Also: Babies Who Brunch!

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