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In the new Scooter, Abe Sauer offers tips on how to make sure your children aren’t brainwashed this fall, in “How To Talk To Your Kids About Republicans”:

Just as Joe Camel once enticed children into tobacco addiction, the two parties’ cartoon mascots are an early gateway. With its kid-friendly (if lumbering) elephant, the GOP has the edge over the Democrats’ donkey. Your kids will view Republicans as the party of Babar and Dumbo: joyous orphans who faced the hardships of life on their own, without assistance from any central authority.

Meanwhile, the only donkey in most kids’ lives is Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh’s compatriot who never stops whining about his lot in life. While Eeyore does exhibit a glum, enjoyable humor, it is of the sort most associated with adult characters like Woody Allen. And there is only one child in the world who has ever loved Woody Allen.

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Did your baby destroy your copy of New York Observer Scooter, like writer Michael Idov’s daughter did? Or maybe you never even got a copy. No problem, the Scooter site is now live, including Michael’s guide to designer mocktails.

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